Feeding with 9 months

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What products are included in a meal so 9 weeks? Any features of the feeding bottle-fed infants.

9 months child still requires a mother and her warm. At this age, the child can have about thirty percent of a weekly diet in a configuration of natural milk. Most frequently occurs at night latch and night. Chubby little boy in a satisfying and afternoon to introduce solid foods into a regimen, which should contain all indispensable for its growth and progress of minerals and vitamins. Food however 9 months may contain almost all major products adult desk.

Foods with 9 months: main diet food

In a 1-st 9 months of complementary feeding should incorporate strawberries purees and juices. For your preparation suitable medium apples, pears, cherries, plums and other fruits. Read more -->

Lactase deficiency

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Newly diagnosed "lactase deficiency" has get much common. Why the sudden jump - overdiagnosis, too close efforts to a question of parents or real progress fermentopathy - let find out specialists.

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A 1st times of your of a child

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The long months of waiting behind, and finally the 1-st time you saw her newborn! It is hard to put into words the feeling nice tenderness and overwhelming love, because you enjoy been waiting for as long, so comfortably prepared and get probably a thousand minutes imagine how it would be.

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Feeding from 10 weeks

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What foods wants newborn in 10 months? That should not be part of feeding a 10 months?

Such questions frequently asked by mothers, kids are in this troubled, but great life. Ten-month baby playful and can eat quite large portions, because he is vital for the evolution of energy and games. Mom's fresh for babies in breast-feeding, continue to be of beautiful interest, but the lure of 10 months is becoming increasingly great.

Food however 10 months: a main components

Complementary feeding for children 10 months-bottle-baby can contain almost all major items: meat, fruits, vegetables, cereals, fresh bread, even fish (unless contraindicated!). It is not indispensable to include in a child's diet at 11 months is too fatty fresh fish and meat, whole-grain bread, exotic fresh fruits and raw vegetables, canned foods, salty, spicy. Caution want be taken to a cane sugar content: in any ready-made items for children, like cookies throw in particular sweeteners. They attract kids, but not always great capacity on health.

Babies receiving 10 months, not alone foods, but warm natural milk, lucky. Read more -->

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