So to wean a baby with a nipple pustyshki. Proschaemsya without tears.

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Feeding from 4 weeks

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What must be the meal however 4 weeks? What can be included in a child's diet during this time?

Most doctors agree that foods should get no earlier than 4 weeks of an infant's your. At this point, a digestive system is strengthened and the baby is ready to put a small number of "other" fresh food. Complementary foods from 4 weeks is not required for all children, if a child is healthy, and it completely covers breast-feeding, a beginning of weaning can be delayed for a 30 days or two.

Where to start solid foods from 4 weeks

Now, among the physicians actively are disputed, with which items to beginning solid foods with 4 months. Some specialists are inclined to believe that a 1st "meal" for karapuzov should be veg. They recommend to start with breeding juice, so throw in food mashed pumpkin, carrots, potatoes. A opponents get traditional views on infant formula and follow our grandmothers vote for fruit day menu foods.

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Treatment of congenital spine deformities in nice infants

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Lactase deficiency

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Newly diagnosed "lactase deficiency" has get much common. Why the sudden jump - overdiagnosis, too close attention to a matter of parents or real growth fermentopathy - let find out specialists.

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Treatment of congenital spine deformities in nice children

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Table height and mass of babies under one year

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