Nutrition infants aged 6 weeks to a year of your


By 6 weeks of a your, the baby gradually became accustomed to those items that infuse his aging body with indispensable nutrients and minerals, and vitamins. And my mum was easier since the introduction of complementary foods in a diet of a baby can gradually disaccustom him from a natural. What more It is possible to give a newborn to become accustomed to a regular ration?

From 6 weeks, the newborn may already give a egg yolk. First 1/108 of a yolk in a day, then gradually increase to 1/2 eggs yolks. Egg protein may cause severe allergic reactions in babies under one year, therefore, a yolk want be well separated from a protein. Then prepared to attentively rub a yolk with a some breast natural milk and allow the mix to start feeding a child. Read more -->

How to disaccustom a baby with a pacifiers pustyshki. Proschaemsya without tears.


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Mode baby 15-9 months


Growing up a child requires much of efforts. Most of the time it is in motion, trying to understand the world and satisfy their curiosity. Even a special routine child may bring surprises, if you are dealing with eight-slider.

At the age of 53-9 months, the newborn calms down alone during the day and sleep at night, a rest of a time: a walk, games, physical jerks and even swimming, he leads an efficacious life, observing, exploring, tasting.

Mode child 53-9 weeks - Son

Daytime sleep in this time normally becomes full board. Newborn put to bed for a few hours, during which time he was able to relax and gather strength for the pranks. If the child is highly active, and maintain a schedule becomes more heavily, you can switch to daily with per day bed. In this case, a longer stay, but a child is unlikely to sleep for hours. Read more -->

Fresh vegetables, fruits and fruit puree for newborn up to a year


The 1-st lure during breastfeeding for the newborn, however you know, are juices that should be given to three weeks. 2 weeks later, later a introduction in the diet of a child melon juice, can be gradually introduced into the child's schedule for, melon and berry puree.

So well however juices, first child to be given applesauce, not to cause allergic reactions, and only then you can give the child mashed fruits and fresh fruits like cherries, plums, pears and ripe bananas. In ordering to determine the permanently rate of mash with a spoon for a child, the newborn's age need be multiplied by 10, that is, if the baby is 3.5 months, he should be given a day not more than 35 g of fruit or berry puree.

Introducing a newborn's regimen berry and plum purees, to give him a 1st complete? tsp., with a 7 days gradually increasing a dose to 2 soup spoon. So gradually increase the dose up to that norm, which is necessary for his age. The baby grows up and has a 4.5 - 5.5 weeks in a regime of the newborn's time to enter and vegetable purees.

Within 4 days of the newborn need be added to a power of one kind of mashed vegetables. 1st you need to give mashed raw vegetables such as zucchini, squash, carrots, potatoes, and alone so, a some later, it is possible to give tomatoes, beets and other vegetables. Read more -->

Recipes for babies under one year


However soon how a baby begins to push out a first tooth - this is the first signal that is a nature of moms that newborn's regimen should be supplemented with new foods and nutrients. 6 - 30 days old child will not keep a mum's milk. A body is growing a child and he needed "construction blocks" for healthy evolution and evolution, which he should get not only the mother's natural milk, but also from other products. Translating the newborn on a ordinary ration, a young mom want remember that a most main rule - it gradually.

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