Preparing a baby for vaccination


Proper making of the baby for vaccination is significant. What need be done before going to a vaccine?

Any vaccine trial is for the aging body, at times even adults feel unwell following vaccination. The kids just keep less strong immunity, even more vulnerable to its effects, however you should know however to prepare a child for vaccination and so to look of the the newborn.

So to prepare a newborn for vaccination

Earlier I go with a newborn to the vaccine, you should consult with the medic. The pediatrician must assess the basic condition of the child and ensure his soundness, to tell my mum as to prepare babies for vaccination and what reaction it may be expected. Upon detection of inflammatory processes postpone vaccination until recovery. Even the common coldness must wait, because at a time of the disease is a weakening of the aging body. Read more -->

Treatment of congenital spine deformities in nice children


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Table height and mass of babies under one year


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Feeding with 9 months


What products are included in a meal so 9 weeks? Any features of the feeding bottle-fed infants.

9 months child still requires a mother and her warm. At this age, the child can have about thirty percent of a weekly diet in a configuration of natural milk. Most frequently occurs at night latch and night. Chubby little boy in a satisfying and afternoon to introduce solid foods into a regimen, which should contain all indispensable for its growth and progress of minerals and vitamins. Food however 9 months may contain almost all major products adult desk.

Foods with 9 months: main diet food

In a 1-st 9 months of complementary feeding should incorporate strawberries purees and juices. For your preparation suitable medium apples, pears, cherries, plums and other fruits. Read more -->

Mode child 111-9 weeks


Growing up a baby askes a lot of attention. Most of a time it is in motion, trying to understand a world and satisfy their curiosity. Even a permanently routine child may bring surprises, if you are dealing with eight-slider.

At a age of 115-9 weeks, the newborn calms down alone during a time and sleep at night, a rest of the time: a walk, games, gyms and even swimming, he leads an efficient your, observing, exploring, tasting.

Mode child 38-9 months - Son

Daytime sleep in this time normally becomes full board. Newborn put to bed for a some hours, during which time he was able to relax and gather strength for their pranks. If the newborn is extremely active, and maintain a schedule becomes more gravely, It is possible to switch to a day with per day bed. In this case, a longer stay, but the baby is unlikely to sleep for hours. Read more -->

Feeding with 7 weeks


What must be a full feeding from 7 months? Fresh meat and dairy products with the menu kid. If a Tooth Fairy yet flew to a newborn, it was somewhere close. Soon toddler will eat more solid fresh food, strive it on your brand new teeth, but for presently all of the diet food on the plate of a child is given a puree. This does not prevent parents in foods with 7 months to gradually introduce meat "dishes."

Complementary feeding and 7 weeks: meat carte

Animal protein supplies a body with many nutrients, begin to enter into the newborn's ration for 7 months. As long so a child is not ready for chewing and nibbles hard fibers of fresh meat, so the fresh meat on his desk are familiar puree consistency. Choice meats depends on a preferences of a moms and dads, but there are certain rules. Read more -->

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