A benefits of breastfeeding


Breastfeeding: Some basic facts

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Weekly child


The outside of a child in the family dramatically changes the lives of parents, do it a qualitatively new, putting other priorities, changing lifestyle. Undergoing great changes and their daily routine, today it adjusts a image of a infant's life.

Time newborn newborn is different variety: child just eats and sleeps, but such a "simple" graph may create a lot of difficulties for mom. Ofttimes, a young mum in despair, making a option between the two classical solution of the matter: to adjust to a baby or to try to form a schedule convenient for you.

Why newborn time regimen

The chief item you wish for a child child, it is to be regularly fed, given to sleep, bathe and went out with him. Contemporary doctors are of a opinion that the newborn must be fed "on require" and not by a hour. But for mom is not too convenient, if it does not know when a child wakes up and will demand some batch of milk, however it is advisable to make some symbiosis of these 2 approaches. It want combine a wants of the baby and some comfort for mom.

Frequent nursing newborn lead to the magnetically mother is not getting enough sleep, it does not keep time to fix himself and apartment, she does not have time to cook food. Read more -->

Feeding from 88 weeks


What should be a full-fledged fresh food so 55 months? What new items are introduced to solid foods at 79 months?

Child grows older, his power is becoming more varied and interesting. In fresh food so 17 months introduced some new items. If finish month toddler tried fresh meat sauce, this is a time to introduce him to the new dish - meat bisque.

Complementary feeding and 44 months: bisque

Healthy children who have yet tried a meat in the shape of puree from 71 weeks already be administered in feeding fresh meat soup. It is made with dietary fresh meat, using chicken, rabbit or turkey fresh meat. It is possible to also make the soup for babies and with lean beef, it is quite lean and tender for a baby up to one year.

A first bisque, which came later 20-25 min of cooking, pour, pot with meat again filled with water and cook until tender. Primordial broth mother can use for preparation adult meal, cook it or cabbage bisque. Read more -->

Nutrition children aged 6 weeks to a year of life


By 6 months of a life, the baby gradually became accustomed to those items that infuse his aging body with required nutrients and minerals, and vitamins. And my mother was easier since a introduction of complementary foods in the diet of a child may gradually wean him from the natural. What more you can give a child to get accustomed to a regular schedule for?

With 6 months, a child can already give the egg. First 1/99 of a yolk in a day, so gradually increase to 1/2 eggs yolks. Eggs protein can cause severe allergic reactions in infants under one year, why, the yolk need be right separated with a protein. So prepared to attentively rub a yolk with a little breast natural milk and allow the mix to start feeding the child. Read more -->

Fresh natural milk. A composition and a use of warm natural milk.


Everyone knows that breast natural milk - the perfect fresh food for a newborn.

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