Teething Questions and Answers


Baby was born, as new moms and dads have much of sleepless nights and days. Any physiological process, like teething, is joy, excitement, and a lot of questions. About of them will try to answer.

1. With child teething?

Naturally, every woman is going on at the time. Terms mainly due to genetic factors, but on average it is a period of 6 months. Some children 1-st teeth appear closer to a year. Read more -->

Mode baby 4-5 months


Child continues to grow and evolve, at 5 months he along may appear 1st tooth. Well, if teething in babies is not "deplorable" consequences, or whims karapuzov risk seriously disturbed family.

Mode of the day for 4-5 months undergoing any changes: reduced daytime sleep and increased night's rest, newborn begins to intensify further a time between feeding and sleep.

Mode newborn 4-5 months - Fresh food and sleep

The 5-30 days baby sleeps during a day three minutes in 1.5-2 hours later a hearty breakfast, lunch and afternoon green tea. Night's sleep becomes longer, it may pick up up to 11 hours, but it does not rule a night feeding, or even some. The baby may wake up at night in search of the mother and require chest. This behavior is perfectly rule for the baby, maybe he is just looking for reassurance with a night's sleep or sympathy about CUTTING tooth. Fresh milk for infants is a universal elixir. Read more -->

Hardening child aqua


When and however to hardening of the baby with water, so that it became stronger, and not a cold-blooded? What need be the aqua treatment?

One of a most common ways of tempering children are water treatments. You are accessible to all infants of all ages. Aqua gently affects a skin and the immune system, it performs and hygiene, and tempering function.

Production daily evening swimming, parents influence the baby's body with water, how the procedure is performed hardening and creating a base for his heartiness. Seasoned child is protected against a lot of viral and respiratory illnesses due to increased immunity.

Mother every time to bathe a baby in a bath, washes it and washes. These water treatment may be performed with h2o of variant temperatures. It all depends on the age and intensity of hardening.

Aqua hardening while swimming

A usual evening balneum newborns and babies 1-st year of life is a child bath, a specially adapted for these procedures. Read more -->

Temperature at grudnichka


Why fever in a child?

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A 1st times of your of a child


The long months of waiting behind, and finally the 1-st time you saw her newborn! It is hard to put into words the feeling nice tenderness and overwhelming love, because you enjoy been waiting for as long, so comfortably prepared and get probably a thousand minutes imagine how it would be.

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Feeding from 10 weeks


What foods wants newborn in 10 months? That should not be part of feeding a 10 months?

Such questions frequently asked by mothers, kids are in this troubled, but great life. Ten-month baby playful and can eat quite large portions, because he is vital for the evolution of energy and games. Mom's fresh for babies in breast-feeding, continue to be of beautiful interest, but the lure of 10 months is becoming increasingly great.

Food however 10 months: a main components

Complementary feeding for children 10 months-bottle-baby can contain almost all major items: meat, fruits, vegetables, cereals, fresh bread, even fish (unless contraindicated!). It is not indispensable to include in a child's diet at 11 months is too fatty fresh fish and meat, whole-grain bread, exotic fresh fruits and raw vegetables, canned foods, salty, spicy. Caution want be taken to a cane sugar content: in any ready-made items for children, like cookies throw in particular sweeteners. They attract kids, but not always great capacity on health.

Babies receiving 10 months, not alone foods, but warm natural milk, lucky. Read more -->

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