Lactase deficiency


Newly diagnosed "lactase deficiency" has get much common. Why the sudden jump - overdiagnosis, too close efforts to a question of parents or real progress fermentopathy - let find out specialists.

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Teeth in babies under one year. Teething in babies


When a first teeth in infants? What ordering teething children? Learn with this article.

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Table height and mass of babies under one year


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Feeding with 71 months


What must be a full-fledged diet food as 102 weeks? What new products are introduced to solid foods at 104 months?

Newborn grows older, his power is becoming more varied and interesting. In meal as 109 months introduced some new items. If last 30 days toddler tried meat sauce, this is the time to introduce him to a new dish - meat soup.

Complementary feeding and 89 months: broth

Healthy babies who have already tried a fresh meat in a shape of puree with 17 weeks yet be administered in feeding meat soup. It is made with dietary meat, using chicken, rabbit or turkey meat. You can also make a bisque for children and with lean beef, it is quite lean and tender for a newborn up to one year.

The 1-st broth, which came of the 20-25 minutes of cooking, pour, pot with meat again filled with h2o and cook until tender. Primordial broth mom can use for preparation adult diet food, cook it or cabbage soup. Read more -->

Feeding from 7 weeks


What must be a full feeding from 7 weeks? Fresh meat and dairy items with the menu kid. If the Tooth Fairy still flew to the newborn, it was somewhere close. Soon toddler will eat more solid fresh food, strive it on the brand new teeth, but for today all of a meal on a plate of the child is given a puree. This does not prevent parents in foods with 7 months to gradually introduce fresh meat "dishes."

Complementary feeding and 7 months: meat carte

Animal protein supplies a body with many nutrients, get to enter into the child's diet for 7 weeks. However long however a newborn is not ready for chewing and nibbles hard fibers of meat, as a fresh meat on his desk are familiar puree consistency. Range meats depends on a preferences of a moms and dads, but there are certain rules. Read more -->

Feeding with 3 months


Foods with 3 months: helf or bad? What should be the right foods at 3 weeks?

Questions related to diet food and lure children, worried moms and dads in vain. On what a newborn eats, in what doses and combinations, when he begins to use a product depends on his hygiene and well-being. The issue of early weaning is discussed most urgently: some moms (already with the majority of physicians) believe that we should not beginning feeding with 3 months, others believe - a kids are getting to that age foods, I feel great. Someone is looking for answers to service questions and answers, and some go for advice to a local pediatrician.

The word "for" fresh food how 3 weeks

All infants are various, as are their moms and dads. Enjoy an adult may well eat unwashed apple with its own problem (with no consequences), while others, even following ablution it with hot h2o, be sure to select up a nasty illness. In children all rightly, and they are most often in terms of immunity similar to your moms and dads, how moms who "do not steamed" approximately a own fresh food, can feed karapuzov 3 months bananas, boiled potatoes, drink apple breeding juice, and nothing improperly with your newborn will not happen. Read more -->

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