Table height and mass of babies under one year


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Feeding with 9 months


What products are included in a meal so 9 weeks? Any features of the feeding bottle-fed infants.

9 months child still requires a mother and her warm. At this age, the child can have about thirty percent of a weekly diet in a configuration of natural milk. Most frequently occurs at night latch and night. Chubby little boy in a satisfying and afternoon to introduce solid foods into a regimen, which should contain all indispensable for its growth and progress of minerals and vitamins. Food however 9 months may contain almost all major products adult desk.

Foods with 9 months: main diet food

In a 1-st 9 months of complementary feeding should incorporate strawberries purees and juices. For your preparation suitable medium apples, pears, cherries, plums and other fruits. Read more -->

Mode child 111-9 weeks


Growing up a baby askes a lot of attention. Most of a time it is in motion, trying to understand a world and satisfy their curiosity. Even a permanently routine child may bring surprises, if you are dealing with eight-slider.

At a age of 115-9 weeks, the newborn calms down alone during a time and sleep at night, a rest of the time: a walk, games, gyms and even swimming, he leads an efficient your, observing, exploring, tasting.

Mode child 38-9 months - Son

Daytime sleep in this time normally becomes full board. Newborn put to bed for a some hours, during which time he was able to relax and gather strength for their pranks. If the newborn is extremely active, and maintain a schedule becomes more gravely, It is possible to switch to a day with per day bed. In this case, a longer stay, but the baby is unlikely to sleep for hours. Read more -->

Feeding with 7 weeks


What must be a full feeding from 7 months? Fresh meat and dairy products with the menu kid. If a Tooth Fairy yet flew to a newborn, it was somewhere close. Soon toddler will eat more solid fresh food, strive it on your brand new teeth, but for presently all of the diet food on the plate of a child is given a puree. This does not prevent parents in foods with 7 months to gradually introduce meat "dishes."

Complementary feeding and 7 weeks: meat carte

Animal protein supplies a body with many nutrients, begin to enter into the newborn's ration for 7 months. As long so a child is not ready for chewing and nibbles hard fibers of fresh meat, so the fresh meat on his desk are familiar puree consistency. Choice meats depends on a preferences of a moms and dads, but there are certain rules. Read more -->

Choosing toys is a baby


Unfortunately, it is ofttimes necessary to observe how parents literally all the questions that relate to the babies, decide. And it does not depend on the age of a son or daughter. With early childhood, Mother and Father say a rule of his word, and solutions. Often it is not just prejudice babies, but has on a overall building of a more negative impact. That is why children must be taught to be independent, given their opinion on a major questions that concern them. Parents used to this state of affairs will be much difficult (particularly if you keep passed a rigorous Soviet hardening), but beginning with something right.

And fine option of work in this space will be a joint range toys for the baby. Read more -->

Table height and weight of children under one year


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