Newborn Development up to a year


Here you keep a kid and there was a long-awaited and presently it depends on you, however quickly he mastered in this new environment. Literally from a first weeks of your to cultivate auditory baby. Highly correctly, if the apartment from time to time will sound pleasant to a ear music.

Generally with your newborn is OK, if the growth of a newborn in months to a year will be in accordance with the following provisions. As, at a age of one month, a normally cultivating newborn responds to sounds.

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Recipes for babies under one year


However soon so a baby begins to push out the first tooth - this is the first signal that is the nature of mothers that child's diet must be supplemented with new foods and nutrients. 6 - 30 days old baby will not enjoy a mom's milk. A body is growing a newborn and he required "progress blocks" for healthy evolution and building, which he should have not only a mum's natural milk, but also from other products. Translating the baby on a ordinary food, the magnetically mom should remember that a most general rule - it gradually.

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Teething Questions and Answers


Child was born, as new parents have lots of sleepless nights and times. A physiological process, like teething, is joy, excitement, and many questions. Any of them will try to answer.

1. With newborn teething?

Naturally, everyone is going on at a time. Terms mainly due to genetic factors, but on average it is a time of 6 months. Some children 1st teeth appear closer to a year. Read more -->

So to wean a baby with a nipple pustyshki. Proschaemsya without tears.


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Apgar score. Assessment of neonatal Apgar


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Teeth in babies under one year. Teething in babies


When the first teeth in infants? What order teething babies? Learn with this article.

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Permanent newborn


The externality of the newborn in a family dramatically changes the lives of moms and dads, does it a qualitatively new, putting other priorities, changing lifestyle. Undergoing lovely changes and the daily routine, today it adjusts the image of a infant's life.

Time newborn child is different variety: baby just eats and sleeps, but such a "simple" graph can create lots of difficulties for mom. Often, a attractive mother in despair, production the range betwixt the 2 classical solution of the matter: to adjust to the newborn or to strive to form a schedule convenient for you.

Why newborn day regimen

A chief item you must for a newborn child, it is to be regularly fed, given to sleep, bathe and went out with him. Contemporary doctors are of a opinion that the newborn must be fed "on request" and not by a hour. But for mother is not too convenient, if it does not know when the newborn wakes up and will require some batch of natural milk, how it is advisable to create some symbiosis of these 2 approaches. It must combine a needs of the baby and about comfort for mum.

Frequent nursing newborn lead to the nice mom is not getting enough sleep, it does not get time to fix himself and apartment, she does not have time to cook food. Read more -->

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