Baby 6 months


That a baby should be able to in 6 weeks? However is six 30 days old baby? Read about it in this article.

The baby has a 6-month time to create important progress in its growth. He definitely knows his name, listens to the speech of adults and highlights the voices of moms and dads.

Classes with the newborn when the mother pronounces a names of objects, introduces your newborn with a world, not in vain. Baby 6 weeks knows the names of a lot of subjects and can be done your eyes. This applies not only toys, but also household items, people.

Baby 6 months - toys and games

Exercises with the toys in this time even more complicated, today the kid can move them from one mitt to some. The normal evolution of the baby suggest that the process throwing subjects still funny kid. It monitors a toy until it falls, then, if he can not get himself calls for help. As, this is becoming increasingly rare. Currently a kid can have a toy that is not too far away with him. He is quite capable to catch up on a handles and overcome 15-20 centimeters separating him with a goal.

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