Teething Questions and Answers


Baby was born, as new moms and dads have much of sleepless nights and days. Any physiological process, like teething, is joy, excitement, and a lot of questions. About of them will try to answer.

1. With child teething?

Naturally, every woman is going on at the time. Terms mainly due to genetic factors, but on average it is a period of 6 months. Some children 1-st teeth appear closer to a year. A literature describes cases when the baby was born already with one or 2 teeth.

2. Which teeth appear 1st?

This is normally a lower incisors that appear pair. These incisors erupt with the top, and the last - a indigenous teeth and fangs. By three years a newborn begins all 20 baby teeth.

3. When must I begin to put attention of the teeth?

Baby teeth are laid in a baby with the beginning of a second week of gestation. During this period it is significant to eat healthy fresh food, rich in vitamins and minerals, especially calcium. If a mom does not pay attention to their diet, in a next a baby may dental caries, periodontal and other unpleasant consequences. In adult life, occasionally the only decision is implantation later a destruction. That is the mother of a baby dental service starts with a extremely 1-st weeks of pregnancy.

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