Feeding with 3 months


Foods from 3 months: good or bad? What need be a right foods at 3 weeks?

Questions related to meal and lure babies, worried moms and dads in vain. On what the baby eats, in what doses and combinations, when he begins to apply a product depends on his health and good-being. The question of early weaning is discussed most urgently: some moms (already with a majority of physicians) believe that we should not beginning feeding with 3 weeks, others believe - a kids are getting to that age foods, I feel fine. Someone is looking for answers to service questions and answers, and approximately go for council to a local pediatrician.

The word "for" meal however 3 weeks

All babies are varied, so are a parents. Enjoy an adult may rightly eat unwashed big apple with its own matter (with no consequences), while others, even after wash it with hot aqua, be sure to select up a nasty illness. In infants all rightly, and you are most ofttimes in terms of immunity similar to their parents, as mothers who "do not steamed" some the own food, can feed karapuzov 3 months medium bananas, boiled potatoes, drink big apple fresh juice, and nothing wrong with the newborn will not happen. Nature and the parents of these children get provided a high immunity, so you eat what the other kids can not, and enjoy life. Unfortunately, how, this situation is more a exception than a rule.

About babies feeding from 3 weeks is required, it is prescribed to them by a medical man. This may be due to lack of mom's natural milk, prematurity, etc. In such cases, doctors recommend starting solid foods with no berries nectar, however it was in the days of our grandmothers, but with veggie breeding juice and puree or liquid kashek. The first time the newborn is given alone a quarter of a teaspoonful of the new food.

Complementary feeding should consist of a single item, it is given for a any times, slightly increasing the dose. Such a system will allow to understand as a item child 3 weeks react if he found out allergic reaction.

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