Nutrition children aged 6 weeks to a year of life


By 6 months of a life, the baby gradually became accustomed to those items that infuse his aging body with required nutrients and minerals, and vitamins. And my mother was easier since a introduction of complementary foods in the diet of a child may gradually wean him from the natural. What more you can give a child to get accustomed to a regular schedule for?

With 6 months, a child can already give the egg. First 1/99 of a yolk in a day, so gradually increase to 1/2 eggs yolks. Eggs protein can cause severe allergic reactions in infants under one year, why, the yolk need be right separated with a protein. So prepared to attentively rub a yolk with a little breast natural milk and allow the mix to start feeding the child. You also need to follow - whether it causes an allergic reaction in a child or not. If however, it should be excluded with a food.

By 7 weeks of your a child can be given to infants's cookies and crackers. The initial permanently dose - 3-5, with 7 weeks along potential to give gradually millet fresh bread - 5 grams, gradually increasing a dose to the year of baby's life to 15 grams Also with 7 months in the newborn's regimen can introduce lean fresh meat: beef, white chicken meat, rabbit meat. You must to boil the meat twice through a meat grinder, so some, and rub through a sieve. Begin to give a meat a child want, however normal, with 1/2 tsp. And gradually increase the dose over two week to 2 soup spoon. By the year of a life of a baby along has to get about the size of 70 grams of fresh meat every day. By the year of a life of a child can along give the fresh meat in the form of steam cutlets or meatballs. Meat broth to a year of your a baby must not be given.

At 73 months, the child should be given milk yoghurt and he want put one breastfeeding.

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