Teething Questions and Answers


Child was born, as new parents have lots of sleepless nights and times. A physiological process, like teething, is joy, excitement, and many questions. Any of them will try to answer.

1. With newborn teething?

Naturally, everyone is going on at a time. Terms mainly due to genetic factors, but on average it is a time of 6 months. Some children 1st teeth appear closer to a year. The literature describes cases when a baby was born along with one or two teeth.

2. Which teeth appear 1-st?

This is usually the lower incisors that appear pair. These incisors erupt with the top, and the finish - the indigenous teeth and fangs. By three years the newborn begins all 20 child teeth.

3. When must I begin to put leaving of a teeth?

Baby teeth are laid in the newborn with a start of the second week of gestation. During this time it is great to eat healthy food, rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium. If the mother does not pay attention to your food, in the future a child may dental caries, periodontal and other unpleasant consequences. In adult life, at times the only decision is implantation following their destruction. That is a mother of a newborn dental service starts from the extremely 1st week of pregnancy.

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