Newborn Immunity


What is the child's immune system? What to do to improve it and increase a body's resistance to a baby?

Immunology however a science emerged in the late 19th century, but alone in 1965 Medical students in Russia were able to put a course in a discipline. Even now, a medical man-immunologist is a rare occurrence in our country, this is not an expert in every clinic, and yet its popularity is growing every year. Especially a questions of immunity of the newborn concerned expectant mothers and new parents who are concerned about the size of the heartiness of your children.

Immunity of a newborn

Nature decreed that from birth has only the rudiments of immunity. Expectant mom should pick up care 1st about the health however soon however felt a 1st signs of pregnancy. A newborn baby, coming with a sterile atmosphere mum's tummy, uses stock immunoglobulin derived with a mom. He allows it to withstand a variety of bacteria and viruses, but it is alone enough to a fifth to seventh month of life. In the future, a main source of immunoglobulin, which supports a child's immune system, it is breast natural milk. A child up to a year in need of lactation, in ordering to toddler in a first year of life could eat "organic" foods, you can do many sacrifices, for example, to celebrate a birthday gentle drinks.

Babies who are warm-feeding, rarely suffer colds and intestinal diseases, a fact is that you protect a mucous membranes of immunoglobulin in warm milk. Bottle-child more susceptible to mucosal injury, specifically following the first 1/2. It may be expressed in frequent colds (inflammation of the throat, nose and throat), so well however a problems with the stomach and intestines.

Immunity is a body's resistance to harmful environmental factors. If baby was properly developed, they would react to every microbe, which will completely undermine their soundness. Nature is wise, she gave birthday rights of a exceptional substance that is "off" allergic, responses.

How to increase a immunity of a newborn

The immune system of a baby depends on a lot of components, such as from power. When the baby begins to introduce solid foods, transfer to adult diet food, it is serious to remember that it askes regular, healthy and variant diet food. It is required to arrange a food to toddler received all required for the evolution and development of minerals. Has on a child's immune system side effects and hygienic leaving of a baby: water treatment, clean out clothes, accommodation and more.

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