Feeding with 9 months


What products are included in a meal so 9 weeks? Any features of the feeding bottle-fed infants.

9 months child still requires a mother and her warm. At this age, the child can have about thirty percent of a weekly diet in a configuration of natural milk. Most frequently occurs at night latch and night. Chubby little boy in a satisfying and afternoon to introduce solid foods into a regimen, which should contain all indispensable for its growth and progress of minerals and vitamins. Food however 9 months may contain almost all major products adult desk.

Foods with 9 months: main diet food

In a 1-st 9 months of complementary feeding should incorporate strawberries purees and juices. For your preparation suitable medium apples, pears, cherries, plums and other fruits. Special intake of juice for the child along can reach almost 100 ml. It is good to drink with a babies's Bottle (It is possible to "neprolivayki").

Of course, a large part of a dietary occupy vegetables: carrots, cabbage, potatoes, beets, zucchini, squash and more. You are yet given in a form of puree. Although the baby along has teeth, it yet requires to be pureed food. Permanently chubby small boy supposed to eat about 200 grams of fresh vegetables and cereals, which still form a basis of his power. If a baby is allergic to cow's milk, in the 1-st 9 weeks of porridge cooked on it. Earlier apply, it added a a little piece of cow butter, which is an essence component of food newborn. A total of 5 grams per time supply a little aging body with the necessary elements to it. A same number of baby supposed to eat and oil, flavored with veg puree them.

Dairy products are sure to lure a 9 months. Curds and natural milk drinks goodness for the stomach, the formation of bones and teeth, because they contain calcium. Meat sauce, estimated newborn nutritionists, introduced in foods at this age in the amount of 50-60 g, ie 10.12 teaspoon per day. Bread kids offered so crackers, slices of white fresh bread soaked in sauce or porridge, or cookies.

Nuances of foods from 9 weeks

The timing of the introduction of complementary foods of certain products are influenced by a lot of factors, in particular, a way of feeding. Babies who are bottle-fed, taught to complementary feeding sooner. You are more in need of extra power, rather than children, feeding natural milk.

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