Medicines for a newborn


What medications for children should be in a home medicine cabinet? What hygiene items like keep the new moms and dads?

In production for motherhood, gerls plan what you buy to be done earlier birthday. Besides a "dowry" to get that help moms and dads, friends, colleagues, there are subjects that deserve individual efforts the future mother. These comprise drugs and for a child. Of course, first aid kit for a newborn may be bought ready-done, but most mothers come to a conclusion that the capacity of the standard establish does not meet the needs.

Making a list of essence medicines and hygiene products, most likely something is forgotten, but something is superfluous. This is a perfectly normal technique of things, because of which should not be upset, because my mum could not foresee all.

Thus, drugs that want always be at mitt, if a family has a child:

Means for skin antisepsis.

For processing umbilical wound usually get 3% hydrogen peroxide, 5% solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) or greenery.

Solution of potassium permanganate may be purchased ready-made or made from crystals. This will request a dilute 5 grams (1 tsp.) of permanganate in 1/2 a cup of boiled aqua. Stir the decision, it is indispensable to filter done several layers of cheesecloth, not to dissolve the crystals were not included on the baby's face.

In addition to handling a wound resolution of potassium permanganate is added to a water for swimming, if a newborn is 3 months suffering with diaper rash or potnichki.

Cotton-gauze products, which incorporate sterile cotton wool, gauze. With them is handling the ears, nose, sores and inflammation in a face.

Clean out your ears are much more convenient to cotton buds, but there is danger of damage to a ear, however it's good to use a flagella made of wool.


For external use may get chamomile, it is added to the aqua for swimming, to speedily heal umbilical wound.

For internal use do sense to buy a seeds of dill and fennel. You are beneficial for problems with flatulence.

Enema and vent tube effective for nuisance with his bowels, gas, which in a first any weeks of life causing unpleasantness to many kids.

Aspirator nozzles may not be healthy child, but it will be helpful, and when the baby grows up.

Pipette demand for instilling eye, nose or applying peroxide on umbilical wound.


In the rooms, there want be three: to measure the temperature in a room, body temperature, aqua temperature.

Thermometer for aging body usually is in every home. Normally this is a classic mercury thermometer, which was used in Soviet times. Now, well-known with moms apply electronic thermometers, measurement is fast and safe.


Advance purchase drugs in great quantities is impractical: a newborn one month may have a strong immunity, no colds, not to enjoy allergic reactions and so on. However, if a girl 18 years old feels a must to insure, it is good to make the minimum "stocks". As an antipyretic to buy any derivative of paracetamol syrup or candles,

1-st-aid kit for the baby must contain a general tools and supplies required to make care about the child newborn in the first any weeks.

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